The Solea Dental Laser was created with you in mind

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    Virtually Free Of The Needle And The Sound Of The Drill

    With Solea, there’s no need to feel anxious anymore. The dental laser is quiet, reliably free of the needle, drill, blood, and pain and for the majority of procedures you won’t have to worry about waiting for anesthetic to set in.

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    Quick, Easy, And Done In A Single Visit

    Because of how fast Solea works, most procedures can be completed in just minutes and there is usually no need for a second appointment. This takes away the frustration of having to sit in the chair for hours, and allows you to have more time to enjoy your day.

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    Able To Get You Back To Your Day In Minutes

    As a result of reliably anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures, you will be able to leave the office—without that uncomfortable, numb sensation—almost immediately after your Solea Dentist completes the procedure.

From Our Patients

Patients are excited to share their experiences with Solea®. This technology has improved their lives and provided them with the dental care they need and deserve. Watch and see how this technology has impacted their lives.

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Knowing that I can come into Dr. Rohde’s office and the fact that he uses the Solea laser and I don't have to feel any pain when I get procedures done and it's gonna be a quick experience for me, completely changed the way that I've looked at going to the dentist. The Solea laser is one of the best things that I think that’s ever happened to me as far as going to the dentist!

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“I would recommend anybody who needs dental work done to go to a dentist that uses the Solea laser. It blew my mind!”.

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Before you know it, it's over. Using the Solea laser, I didn't even know that it was taking the cavity out of my tooth. Next thing you know she [Dr. Kim] says, “You're done!” I said, ``What? When are you gonna shoot me with novocaine?” She said, “We used a Solea laser.”, and I said, ``Well, that was the greatest thing I ever experienced!

Patients of Dr. Kim
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We started with the Solea laser and the first thing, there was no novocaine at all, which just threw me over the top! She [Dr. Kim] started with the procedure and we were done in about 15 minutes! I couldn't wait to go home and tell my husband about this amazing procedure that I had done and thinking ahead for my children who won't have to ever face another needle!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solea accepted by Insurance?

Insurance typically covers the cost of Solea just like procedures performed with a drill. Please discuss coverage with a Solea dentist directly.

Is Solea pain-free?

The vast majority of patients report not feeling anything during their dental procedure, while others report a mild sensation of cold.

Solea Sleep is also virtually painless for the vast majority of patients. After the procedure, most patients experience no discomfort at all, while others feel like they have a slight sore throat, but it’s gone within a day. Many patients also say that their airway feels more open immediately after treatment.

What dental procedures is Solea used on?

Solea is cleared to cut enamel (teeth), soft tissue (gum), and bone. Some procedure examples include cavities, gingivectomies, frenectomies, aphthous ulcers, fibroma removals, crown lengthenings, and more.

Is Solea used for cleanings?

Solea is not a replacement for one’s hygiene check-ups.

How does Solea work?

Solea uses computer-controlled laser technology to smoothly, quickly, and safely vaporize the hard (teeth) and soft (gums) tissues in one’s mouth.

Does Solea work with silver (amalgam) fillings?

In most cases, Solea allows the dentist to remove amalgam minimizing the loss of tooth structure.

Is Solea good for kids?

It’s great for kids. It’s faster, and most procedures are done without a shot, the drill or pain. Because there is no need for a shot, multiple procedures can be done in one appointment, meaning less time at the dentist. A child can go right back to school or eat right after their appointment because they don’t leave with a numb feeling.

I’m pregnant. Is it OK to use Solea on me?

Yes, it’s actually better since there is no need to inject a pregnant patient with anesthetics for the majority of procedures.

Take the anxiety out
of your dental experience.