Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

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    What Causes Cavities?

    The most common cause of cavities comes from the acid in the foods we eat. The acid attacks the minerals in your enamel, leading to mineral loss. Over time, demineralization weakens your teeth by making them susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

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    What does Solea Protect do?

    Solea Protect helps reduce mineral loss in dental enamel, protecting your teeth against the damage caused by acid erosion and cavities. In fact, using fluoride in addition to Solea Protect reduces mineral loss 6 times more than treatment with fluoride alone!*



Solea Protect quickly and gently heats the surface of tooth enamel, removing impurities that can weaken teeth.

The result? A strong tooth structure that is more resistant to tooth decay and cavities.*

*Badreddine AH, et al. Demineralization Inhibition by High-Speed Scanning of 9.3 μm CO2 Single Laser Pulses Over Enamel. Lasers Surg Med. 2021 Jul;53(5):703-712
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